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Suitcase lock instructions

All Beckmann suitecases comes with locks that are approved for Transport Security Administration, TSA. TSA locks are required for all customers travelling to the US. TSA screens every suitcase before it is placed on an aircraft. Every now and then suitcases are opened for a routine security inspection. Only TSA employes have keys for opening these locks.

TSA lock instructions

Suitcase lock instructions TSA - Beckmann

The original code that comes with the suitcase is 0-0-0.

To set your personal code combinations, follow these steps:

1. Put the dials on 0-0-0.

2. Press down the reset button (A) with a pen until you hear a click sound.

3. Set your personal code by turning the dials (B) to a combination you remember, for example: 888

4. Slide the button (C) towards the direction of the arrow. The reset button will be pushed back when you hear a click sound again. Now you have finished setting up your personal combination.

It is important to remember the combination by heart. Beckmann or Beckmann-retailers can not help you reset the lock.

suitcase - tsa lock instructions beckmann
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